Joke Stories – Best Jokes Ever

  • Beans eating man beans & the chance Beans & The Chance Beans 360x154

    Beans & The Chance

    A travelling salesman asks to stay overnight with a farmer and his wife. He is very polite at supper, and the wife makes eyes at...

  • woman sleeping the travelling saleswoman The Travelling Saleswoman woman sleeping  360x154

    The Travelling Saleswoman

    When night falls, the travelling saleslady stops at the only farmhouse in sight. There is no extra bed, so she must sleep with the farmer’s...

  • man fight with an animal wrestler Wrestler manfightanimal 360x154


    A professional wrestler was visiting his friend in a small town,and one night they stayed little too long at the pub.Not wanting to drive,they decided...

  • Husband and wife husband and  wife Husband and  Wife Husband andwife 2 360x180

    Husband and Wife

    Two men started chatting a bar and then had a couple of drinks together. “Look” said one,”I want to treat you now,but i’ve no more...

  • newly married Couple umbrella Umbrella bedcouple 1 360x180


    A man was given a double room in a hotel had just unpacked,when the manager came up and asked if he would take a single...

  • KFC Logo kfc offer to the pope KFC Offer to the Pope KFC Logo 360x180

    KFC Offer to the Pope

    The CEO of the KFC asked the Pope,”if i give you $10 million,will you change the line in the lord’s Prayer to “Give us this...

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