KFC Offer to the Pope

KFC Logo kfc offer to the pope KFC Offer to the Pope KFC Logo
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The CEO of the KFC asked the Pope,”if i give you $10 million,will you change the line in the lord’s Prayer to “Give us this day,our daily chicken?”
“Absolutely not,”said the Pope.
“What about if i gave you $50 million?”
“No,”said the pope.
“Out of the question”
“Ok,”said the chief executive.
“Last Offer.$100million.”
“Hmm,”said the Pope.
“Times are hard for the church and,thought it pains me,i suppose it might be for the greater good.Agreed.”
The pontiff went back to Vatican and called a meeting of the cardinals.
“All right,” he said.
“What do you want first,the good news or the bad news?”
“The good,”cardinals replied.
“We have got a $100million donation to funds.”
“So what’s the bad news?”
“We’ve lost the Gardenia account

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